Webmail interfaces

Vista Interactive provides our email hosting customers with two webmail interfaces.

  1. Horde available at
    http://webmail.<your domain name>
  2. Squirrelmail available at
    http://smail.<your domain name>  

For both webmail interfaces, login with your username (same as your email address) and password.

Both webmail interfaces are multilingual, but there is a known bug in some of the software used by Horde. The problem relates to the upper and lowercase Turkish (i,İ,ı,I) characters and this prevents Turkish being available. This bug will be fixed in the next major version of the PHP (version 6) software which has better multilingual features. Therefore, until this problem is resolved, you will need to use Squirrelmail if you want a webmail interface in Turkish.

Be sure to look at the options available and customize the webmail for your personal preferences.

19 January 2020

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