Servers are specialized computers that deliver the different types of internet services : website hosting, email sending, receiving and hosting, domain name registers, domain name servers, databases, application hosting...

Vista Interactive can set up hosted internet services for you and help you to smoothly transition your existing services to our servers.

1. Domain names

All internet servers communicate using numbers. For people, names are more meaningful and easier to remember. Domain names and DNS servers provide this name to number conversion. Your services will need at least one unique domain name. For effective marketing and brand protection we recommend registering your domain name for 5 to 10 years.

2. Email hosting

Email is non-intrusive - you can read and answer it in your own time. It allows you to track a conversation over time and keep a record you can refer back to. For professionalism everyone on your team should use email at your own domain name ( not you@your.internet.provider). Vista Interactive provides a range of email hosting services including mailboxes, automatic email responders, spam protection and mailing lists.

3. Website hosting

There are various technologies for building websites, from serving static files to generating dynamic interactive websites. Even the most basic website should now include some interaction with the visitor and have a call to action such as filling in a contact form. Programs on the website server process data from these forms and generate the appropriate responses. Therefore your website hosting should have the software you need. When buying website hosting, you are purchasing the ability to use the server software, storage space for your website and data and bandwidth (the internet connection between your website server and the rest of the internet).

4. SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates authenticate your website and help to build trust. SSL Certificates enable secure encryption of transactions between your web browser and the server.

Our hosting packages

For small businesses and organizations we recommend our Hosting Starter Pack with DNS, email and dynamic website hosting. If you need advanced services or have more than five people who need email, buy our Hosting Pro package.

If you are unsure of your needs, please contact us to help you decide.

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24 February 2020

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