Unless otherwise specified, the copyright of the design work on this website is owned by Vista Interactive.

Some of the software used for delivering this website is owned by other copyright holders, for example the server operating system, various database and web server software and your web browser. 

Usually the customer owns the copyright to commissioned work. In creating design work for clients, Vista Interactive always strives to produce original unique work. However Vista Interactive reserves the right to re-use software and design elements in other work. For example, the HTML structure of a website may be used for one or more customers, but with different CSS style sheets to give a different design. Our EkspressWeb and ProWeb website building products use design templates that have attribution requirements.

Exclusive designs (such as our ProWebPlus website designs) require additional investment. We recommend that customers discuss their copyright needs with us. We also recommend that customers consult lawyers or intellectual property experts to protect their brands, logos, trademarks and designs.

24 February 2020

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