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Choosing a good domain name is important. It will become part of your online branding. A domain name is a unique identity that will help people to find you online. Therefore, it is useful to understand how people use domain names so you can choose a good name for your internet presence.

Domain names consist of several labels separated by dots, with the rightmost label being the top level. There are several international top level domains, such as .com (typically for commercial business), .org (for organizations), .net (for networks), .biz (for businesses) and country specific top level domains such as .us (United States), .tr (Turkey), .uk (United Kingdom), .de (Germany), .va (Vatican City) and so on. Some of the top level country domains can lead to creative use of the two letter words, such as .to (Tonga), .it (Italy), .tv (Tuvalu), .in (India), .is (Iceland) and .me (Macedonia).

Each top level domain usually has a registrar responsible for it, but some use a shared registry system.


Tips on Choosing a Good Domain Name

Internationalized domains:

Most top level domain registrars are now offering domain names that can be registered with international characters. For example, you can register a Turkish domain name with Turkish characters. Internationalized domains might not work with all web browsers or email software, so buying an additional version of the name with the standard ASCII character set is advisable.


Many people start using email with a free webmail provider like This is OK for casual communication, but presents an unprofessional image. When you buy a domain name remember it can be used for your email too. A domain name can help your organisation to appear bigger with seperate addresses for each role, such as, and


Once you own the domain name, you can create subdomains. Breaking your internet presence into functional groups is one common use of subdomains. For example,, Your subdomain might be used to deliver specific content such as or for mobile content. Most websites have the www subdomain for delivering their website content.

With the right domain name, you could also use subdomains to create a whole new internet service. An excellent example of this is the Squidoo lenses. These are micro websites focused on subjects people are passionate about such as, and so on. You could create a best/greatest/coolest.(thing you do) site as part of your online marketing.



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