Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise specified in proposals or contracts, the following terms and conditions will apply:

Payment Terms

Vista Interactive expects a deposit of 40% of the project price to start projects. The remaining payments are expected within 15 days of completion of the phases as detailed in the payment plan for the project. Vista Interactive will invoice for each expected payment. We prefer payments directly to our bank accounts. Please see our payments information page for details. 

Intellectual property ownership

Usually the client owns the intellectual property which is created as a result of commissioned work. However, a website often has software components which have their ownership retained by the author and are used under license, for example, web server software. Vista Interactive reserves the right to retain the ownership of their creative work. Please discuss your copyright requirements with us. We advise clients to register their logos, trademarks and branding and/or consult a lawyer to protect their intellectual property investment. Please see our copyright page for information about the copyright of this web site.

Use of client references and advertising permission

The client gives permission for their work to be profiled in Vista Interactive’s portfolio for marketing purposes. This includes permission for a promotional statement or graphic on the client’s website linking to the Vista Interactive website with a description such as “website design and hosting by Vista Interactive”.

24 February 2020

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All pricing is in USD and excludes KDV (VAT) sales tax unless otherwise stated.