Sending Bulk Email

Email newsletters can be an effective way to communicate. Especially if you are sending something that has value for the reader. Communication works best when the message you are sending is personal, relevant and wanted and you are listening to responses. This is the basis of permission marketing. Don't send spam just because you have someone's email address.

Many spam filters will label your good mail as spam if you send it to multiple addresses. To avoid this you need to either send messages to individual or small groups of addresses; or use a mailing list service.

Vista Interactive offers two tools for sending bulk email.

1. Mailman mailing list management software. This operates in a read only - newsletter mode or as an email discussion group where list members can post responses. 

Contact us to set up and host a Mailman list for you.

2. Direct mail extension to TYPO3 websites. This add-on integrates with your website and allows personalization of your bulk messages. 

Contact us to add Direct mail to your TYPO3 website.

Both of these tools are server based which means you send one message to the list and the server handles the multiple messages. A third alternative is to use client based mail merge software (like MS Office or OpenOffice). This would generate individual emails, but could slow your internet connection while they are being sent.

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24 February 2020

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